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OOLONG TEA is a unknown tea to most people in the Western World, while it is still the very best Tea that exists. This tea is unique to China and the Isle of Taiwan is one of its most representative areas of production. From all producing areas of OOLONG Tea, the Tea that comes from Taiwan is simply the Best. Not openly said, but everyone in the tea business is aware of this.
We sell only the organic and High Mountain Tea's from Taiwan and we select the Best Quality. High Mountain Tea's are very special because of the full "body" of the tea, the thickness in the mouth and the positive effects on your health. The High Mountain Oolong tea-plants grow between 800 and 2800 meters on the Mountain sides -during the evenings and nights surrounded by the fogs from the oceans - and during daytime blessed by the light from the sun, while they prosper during the several years of growth from the healthy  


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composition of the unpolluted mountain soil and the higher and colder mountain atmosphere. The fresh leaves are withered for one to two days and the leaves are then rolled to release enzymes. After that the tea leaves are allowed to oxidize although for a shorter period. The oxidation process is stopped somewhere before it is completed - through the 'Masters Eye'.  
Oolong tea comes in three degrees of fermentation: lightly fermented, moderately fermented and fully fermented. Every Tea Master has his own way. The tea is fired (heated) to prevent further oxidation and to dry the tea. Oolong tea can vary significantly in flavor depending on when the oxidization process is interrupted, with more of a green tea character if interrupted early in the process and more of a black tea character the longer oxidation  continues. When you drink High Mountain Oolong you don't taste the water in the tea like is often the case with Green and Black Tea's. The spirit of Oolong tea will come forward to be one with you. 




Any material on this website that talks about health stimulating properties, is not published for medical purposes nor to make any medical claims. Tea drinking is one of the oldest tradition on this Earth and any supposed reference to already known information about tea is only for further research purposes and for those that want to inform themselves of possibilities to further explore to find deeper truth. Its everyone's own responsibility to discern when reading information and find out what is truth and what is not. We from Tea House Oolong will not take any responsibility for the inter-pretation of the material by the reader. We only present information as a form of communication to help the visitors to this website and other web-sites owned by us, to understand what tea is and how it may influence the persons health in a positive way. The reader has a choice of his own.


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